Bag of Beans Coffee Shop & Bakery: Tagaytay City

After dinner (ahh, fullness!) πŸ™‚ now it’s time for a good dessert! Very near Taalena where we had dinner is the very cozy, alfressscooo Bag of Beans Cofee Shop & Bakery. I know, I may already be the last one blogging about it (but at least maybe the latest! Hehe!) but can you blame me? πŸ™‚ It’s my first time in the place though I have heard and read about the place already.

bag of beans shell lamp1

Bag of Beans is suppose to be a cofee shop and bakery. And so I thought!However, maybe because it has gained popularity in its service all through these years, it has now become, a restaurant and in fact offers its amenities for conference.

bag of beans signeage

It is “alfresco” resto and bar open from breakfast to dinner and even after. I was asking the guard when we left what time does it close and he said they do only after the last guest is gone.

bag of beans outside_5

I was there at night and for people who find meaning in lush garden and nightlights, in whatever form and nature, you will fall in love with the place. In a place like Bag of Beans, you may probably say forget about food and let me have the place for a moment! πŸ™‚

bag of beans outside_4

On second thought, though, you may not be able to forget about the food. Though I only had caffe mocha and apple pie topped with vanilla ice creme, the full-seating capacity of the place when I was there (dinner time) proves that the place is hit!

bag of beans apple pie

bag of beans outside_1

The two main dining halls are carefully crafted for a great dining experience. It provides an alternative to al-fresco dining while having the same feel of the lush green outside. There are dining tables complemented with comfy sofas just in case one may choose to be more casual.

bag of beans dining_2

bag of beans dining_3

bag of beans dining_1

Outside is a combination of metal garden sets and roughly finished heavy-wood dining tables and chairs which I liked! Around the garden are colorful lamps which definitely adds to the ambience of the place. Unfortunately, the birds in the aviary were already asleep. Quite. Perfect time to chat and talk to people close to you…

bag of beans outside_4

For my Bag of Beans experience, no matter how short, it will definitely be well remembered.

bag of beans outside_3

And as the lamp will come to an end, we retired for the night and headed home. In peace. Hayy, Sarap!! πŸ™‚

bag of beans shell lamp2


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  1. vasha says:

    great comment, i surely go to this place and send my next informations.

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