Taalena Bar & Restaurant: Tagaytay City

This past long weekend served as a brief respite before going back to full-time work, again. I was with friends who graciously accomodated me, again, 🙂 and on our last night, we went up to Tagaytay, a short drive from Sta. Rosa where we were staying.

taalena menu

In Tagaytay, one may have a difficult time looking for a place to eat that is not so very Manila. We wanted to try something not “manila” and Tonton was suggesting a certain market-eatery (as of this writing, I cannot confirm with Tonton the name of the place) but because we have a kid with us and we don’t know the circumstances of the place, we aborted. After several stops, we ended up at Taalena, a Pinoy bar & resto, from its exterior to the interior, to the menu.

Taalena Tagaytay

For dinner, we got Bulalo (of course!), “tawilis”, crablets, and 2-sticks of pork barbeque. The food we got were fine and the price is very Tagaytay – I find it a little expensive though (i.e. Bulalo for four costs Php 400.00; the tawilis and crablets costs about Php 200.00) but the 2-sticks barbeque was more expensive than I thought for Php 180.00! Even then, we enjoyed dinner maybe because of the people I was with and the cool night breeze of Tagaytay.

Taalena Tagaytay

I was not able to finish my Bulalo because I have to eat 2-shares but the “tawilis” was great! No waste. All chewed. All eaten from head to tail! With a bottle of San Mig Lite, I was already ok!

After dinner, I realized that it was still very Manila, except for the Bulalo and the tawilis, perhaps. 🙂

By the way, Taalena is good for big groups (and big in appetite!) 🙂


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