Our Lady of Manaoag in Tagaytay (June 8-22, 2008)

The Our Lady of Manaoag from Pangasinan is currently at Our Lady of Lourdes Parish Church in Tagaytay City from June 8-22, 2008. If you are by any chance in Tagaytay or happen to pass by, it would be good if you drop by.

our lady of manaoag1

I happen to be in Tagaytay this (long) weekend and we were suppose to attend the Sunday Mass. We came too late for the last night mass but praying to the Lady was worth missing it.

our lady of manaoag2

I am not really a devotee but I have prayed to Her for guidance and enlightenment on heavy loads that I have. I started praying to Her 13-years ago and since then, she has been my priority whenever I need prayers.

our lady of manaoag3

To Our Lady of Manaoag, Pray for Us!

our lady of manaoag4


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