Barbeque Dinner. The the Magic Gel and Mustard Salad!

Over the long weekend last week, pre-emting the Independence Day which falls at the mid of the next week, we had a ‘bbq’ dinner hosted by Chef Anton, again, in his place in Sta. Rosa. He prepared everything. All in. From ingredients to cooking and washing everything after dinner. Oh-oh, the later is not so cheffy! 🙂

bbq dinner.chicken done

bbq dinner.chicken2

What amazed me was how he lighted the charcoal. At home, I do it the traditional way. Place paper underneath the charcoal, light it, and fan it to sustain the fire until the charcoal is lighted. That’s terribe manual labor!:) Or if you want it quicker, pour a little of your “gaas” (kerosene) to save you from the rigors of the traditional method. But for the magic gel, lighting charcoal have never been easier! Below are photos on how the magic gel made fire:

bbq dinner.magic gel1

bbq dinner.magic gel2

bbq dinner.magic gel3

bbq dinner.magic gel4

For the magic gel, no sweat unlike firing with paper; odorless unlike lighting with kerosene.

Aside from chicken, we had “liempo” and “tilapia.” For veggies, we had “inihaw na talong” and “mustard (mustasa) salad” which I tasted for the first time and I liked it! I will make it myself at home.

bbq dinner.chicken1

 bbq dinner tilapia liempo & eggplant

The “mustasa”  before I tasted it raw like how Tonton prepared it was known to me in “sinigang sa miso” or “ginataang isda” where it is cooked. I was hessitant at first to have some of the mustasa salad because I know it to be bitter, even when it’s cooked already. How much more if it is eaten raw! But the toughy taste of the mustasa together with the other ingredients (white onions, tomato, olive oil and “bagoong balayan”) was really great especially when your pallete is a little bit adventurous. Yum yumness!

bbq dinner.mustard salad

I will never see lighting charcoal and the “mustasa” the same way again! You may check your fave grocery store for the gel, they should have it. 🙂

bbq dinner.coors light


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3 Responses to Barbeque Dinner. The the Magic Gel and Mustard Salad!

  1. Ving Cinco says:

    Where can I buy the magic gel?

  2. jonjonbarros says:

    aba…ikaw ay nagbalik..welcome back Torn!

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