The “Tarpaulin” House

Ever seen the house made of Tarpaulin in Sta. Rosa, Laguna?

I wanted to share this as early October 2006. Unfortunately at that time, I was able to take only images at night which might not be as good when taken in the day to let you know in clear terms what I wanted to share, for all intents and purposes. 🙂 Because of lack of time and the distance involved, I was able to take images in the day only this June 2008 (that’s two years after!). Hence, this entry is 2-years in the making! 🙂

georgia club 2

(Taken October 2006)

Just in case you happen to pass by the Highway in Sta. Rosa going to Tagaytay, you will notice to your left a certain subdivision called Georgia Club. Right at the entrance is a replica of a house which appears to me then, as a true and authentic model house.

georgia club1

(Taken June 2008)

And that’s what I thought. A closer look would reveal otherwise. To have a better perspective of the whole structure, I am sharing here with you images that I took on a wider angle to reveal how it looks like.

Only the porch of the ground floor is authentic and the backdrop which should be the second floor is tarpaulin. For motorists, they might mistake it as a whole, true, and authentic model house. If it was, it should be a good one. But when they realized that the house is made of Tarpaulin, then they would be more amazed as I did! I really thought it was a house, “nagpapanggap lang pala!” 🙂

georgia club 4

In 2006, when I first took a photo, I wanted to take more of the details of the structure but the guard-on-duty then prohibited me upon noticing that I was taking some pictures. Hence, I was satisfied with a “stolen” shot inside the car.

georgia club 3

This June (2008), I never attempted to go closer anymore and take pictures. I just took it (again) inside the car because the guard-on-duty might (again) prohibit me!

At present, however, it may really be noticeable that the second floor is made of something else not original because of “wear and tear.” So, if you happen to pass by “that tarpaulin house in Sta. Rosa, Laguna”, try to slow down, take a look and it may save some dull moments on the way! 🙂


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  1. Andy T says:

    What is this? A distinct unhealthy need to stealthily “stay up with the Jones’

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