Typhoon Frank and its Prelude of Attempted Theft! Again?!

On or about 4:00 o’clock A.M. this morning, strong (and whistling) wind woke me up. Thinking that Typhoon Frank (Int’l Name: Fengshen) has arrived, I went out to take my puppy (“Mayo”) inside, and to check if there are some things that might be blown away by the wind just like what happened when Typhoon Milenyo caught me unaware last September 2006.

typhoon frank_man on bike with umbrella_gate 4 malacanang

After fixing everything, I went back to bed and woke up at 8:00 o’clock A.M. I still went out for my breakfast inspite of the rain. Frank may not have been as harsh as Milenyo, as far as here in the Metro is concerned; however, I still decided to get out after breakfast to take some photos thinking that there might be a good image I can take to depict Frank in my area in Malacanang.

typhoon frank_3 men on umbrellas_gate 4 malacanang

I was able to take some but they were not good as I wanted to have. Be that as it may, I am sharing them with you here. Not contended with the images in my area, I drive to a nearby market (“talipapa”) in Bustillos where I may be able to take a few images to complete this entry and to get some stuff for lunch.

typhoon frank_mother and child_market

Thinking that I can only take as much, I went back home and started writing this entry.

typhoon frank_wet market

Here are some of the other images I was able to take:

typhoon frank_red and yellow umbrellas

typhoon frank_2 ladies in a hurry

typhoon frank_man in umbrella

typhoon frank_raindrops on a side morror

The Prelude to Frank:

Before Frank officially entered the Metro this morning, I had (again) a bad experience last night when I arrived from work. I really don’t know what may be in me why burglars tend to maliciously victimized the peaceful (well, not now!) possession of my premises and violate my constitutional right to privacy!

After my terrible experience of almost the same kind last February of 2007 (1) (2) (3) (4) it happened again last night. Thanks God I did not lose anything this time but it irritates too bad why it has to happen again, and again.

Three days ago, I noticed that the padlock of my gate was missing and when I cannot find it, I know that it was already stolen. In the meantime that I have not bought a new padlock yet, I was using wire to lock it. When I arrived at about 8:30 o’clock P.M. last night, I noticed that while the gate was close, the wire I used to lock it was not there and nowhere within the vicinity.

When I went up the porch, I immediately noticed that the two monoblock chairs in the porch are down on the ground just below the cage of my (African) lovebirds. Aside from that, the clip of one of the cages’ window is also on the ground and the window was half open. The small cage where my four-small birds are, beside the big one, was not hanging in place, the clip of its window was also on the ground and there are only three of them, hence, one was already missing!

I immediately checked the other cage at the back of the house where another 2-pair of African lovebirds are but I cannot confirm if they are missing because it was already dark and they maybe inside their nests. I cannot also confirm if some were missing in the big cage.

I have recreated the scene as I saw last night today which you may find below:

PRIVATE_typhoon frank_birdcage

I took sometime outside before I got in the house to absorb what just happened and prepared myself to find out what other things may be missing inside, just in case the thief cared to break-in (again!)

When got in, I immediately checked where some of my “things” are kept and I was pleased to find out that they were intact!

As of that moment though, I cannot confirm yet whether some of my lovebirds were missing and I have to wait for the next day. This morning, while Frank was busy doing its thing, I checked my birds and they were all present!

The thief was not successful this time (except for 1-small bird and for bothering me!) around maybe because he was in a hurry every time he hears a car approaching tanking that it may be me. While he may have taken advantage of the strong rain last night, he didn’t have the luxury of time to indulge!

He may not have been successful in having some of the lovebirds because aside from the cage being huge which makes catching difficult he may have been bitten really hard because African’s do whenever threatened. I know, for I have bitten several times when I was new with African and from then on, I always use thick rubber hand gloves to catch them.

For the three occasions that I have experience burglary from where I live, I have come to a conclusion that: (1) The thief knows me so well and I know him likewise; and (2) We may just be neighbors!

And that was my day with Frank and the Prelude to it!


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5 Responses to Typhoon Frank and its Prelude of Attempted Theft! Again?!

  1. Torn says:

    Bakit ako lilipat Jon? Hinde naman harap ng bahay ko yung baha na nakita mo sa post ko a! 🙂 OA ka!

  2. jonjon says:

    Lipat ka na Boy!

  3. Torn says:

    Ey Paul, thx for dropping by and appreciating the entry. Btw, we’re not yet done with what we talked about when you visited. Keep me updated. Are you leaving Japan soon?

    Sis, ko ma aya! 🙂

  4. sistah says:

    Exactly! But isn’t it so irritating??? I thought if I catch the guy- I probably stick all the sili and kamunggay up his a**!! Keep safe.Keep blogging.

  5. Paul H says:

    hey, this is what i call real citizen journalism. you deserve an award for braving the storm and taking photos for your blog. i enjoyed reading your post… but i am again shocked at the news of another break-in at your house. maybe, it’s time to relocate? anyway, take care and keep in touch!

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