NCAA Season 84: First Basket belongs to Sam Ekwe of San Beda Red Lions!

Yesterday, NCAA Season 84 (2009) officially openned at the Big Dome with the usual pomp and pageantry except for some technical glitz and some boo-boos which may not be avoided on live show. But before anything else, the San Beda Red Lions, together with other Bedistas in the gallery and those watching on TV (just like me!) roared again at the start of the Season, the Red Lions beating the Mapua Cardinals by 29 points!

(The Future, Present and the Past of Red Lions’ Basketball)

san beda player pong escobal loyzaga little bedan

san beda player pong escobal_loyzaga

I am sharing here with you images and videos I took of the openning ceremony and the first game. However, please bear with poor quality because I took it straight from TV. It’s the spirit that matters this time and not so much the quality! 🙂

Here’s a video of the first basket of the season courtesy of the Ekwe-lizer pre-empted by what could have been a better shot at the basket (by Gamalinda, I think). Not so much flair but it’s still the first basket:

From the first basket, the Red Lions never looked back and the Cardinals never lead by even a point. The Red Lion’s championship experience and their training in California before the Season must have paid-off as expected. They lead as much as 31-points and won by 29 in the end. I am not a basketball officionado but what I saw in the first game, the Red Lions is still a force to reckon with even with the exit of Jousif Aljamal.

(Coach Frankie Lim in an Interview after the Game 1 Victory of the Red Lions)

san beda coach frankie lim

G o   S a n   B e d a   F i g h t !!!

Before the first game featuring the host MAPUA Cardinals and defending champ SAN BEDA Red Lions, I had fun the opening ceremony. I was asking myself who was the host? Didn’t MAPUA manage to get someone younger in keeping with its theme “Bridges of the Future?” It was more of the past for me. I was just thinking it could have been better if he was younger.

ncaa 84_host_emcee2

I was waiting and anticipating for the traditional signature cheer of each school. While the host started with Mapua but he has to immediately halt because he had to call the guest speaker first (Bayani Fernando, alumnus of Mapua, who was represented by her daughter, an exact carbon copy of the father), probably a mistake in the sequence. Unfortunately, the school cheers were all forgotten, something which every participant in the gallery is waiting for because that’s what they have came for!

ncaa 84_daugther of bayani fernando

When the speaker was about to start, she was asking if the song composed by her father (when he was in high school) should be played, the idea being a background music while she is delivering the message. There was no music at all. At the middle of her speech, something suddenly played on the background which was suppose to be for the next part of the program, the opening number! She had to stop to verify and say sorry. When she’s done, the song of her father played which was plain “mabuhay, kapuri-puri ka!” repeated 5-times, and that was it!

Next part of the program. Spectators kept waiting because of delay in music cue, and when it’s finally played, it has to be re-started. It didn’t look and sound well for an NCAA Opening live on TV!

It was not all that to be fair. The part where the “past-future-and present” of basketball for each school was very symbolic. Professional players of the past marched with the present one and suppose to be the future. The opening number which was an evolution of dance participated by the school’s cheer dancers was great and well executed.

SBC Red Lions Photos:

san beda players muse and little bedan

san beda players3

san beda players2

san beda players1

san beda player pong escobal_loyzaga

san beda player pong escobal oath

san beda player pong escobal loyzaga little bedan

san beda player pong escobal

san beda player menor during game

san beda muse with players3

san beda muse with players2

san beda muse with player

san beda three kings

Other Photos of NCAA Season 84:

red lions in gallery

ncaa past_present_future players

ncaa 84_uphr muse_miss ncaa 84

ncaa 84_unity of the drums

ncaa 84_unity of drums2

ncaa 84_san sebastian stags and muse

ncaa 84_romel adducul

ncaa 84_letran knights players and muse

ncaa 84_jrc bombers and muse

ncaa 84_letran knights and muse

ncaa 84_letran knight players

ncaa 84_benilde past player

ncaa 84_bong hawkins

ncaa 84_benilde blazers players

ncaa 84 upchr players and muse

ncaa 84_atoy co

ncaa 84_charisse pempengco_national anthem

ncaa 84_sam concepcion_intermission

ncaa 84_host_emcee


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5 Responses to NCAA Season 84: First Basket belongs to Sam Ekwe of San Beda Red Lions!

  1. wolawola says:

    has ekwe been placed in san beda hall of fame?
    i think he deserves it…..

  2. coinsmaker says:

    wow! that was great

  3. Torn says:

    Ares at Jon: bedista nga talaga kayo naghahanap lage ng bago lalo na kung basketbol pinag-uusapan! hehe! 🙂 Bat di ganito nung tayo?! 🙂

    I missed blogging NCAA last year. Sayang 😦

  4. jonjon says:

    Thanks for posting! GO SAN BEDA FIGHT!

  5. nice one boy! great help to us who just follow the games online

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