Baguio, Strawberry Taho, Atbp.

Merry Christmas Everyone!

Whatever the reasons are for what appears to have been a hiatus in this blog, I am sharing with you now my latest Baguio trip with friend Chef Anton and his family last Halloween.

baguio manor hotel halloween 3

If you have not tasted Baguio’s Strawberry Taho yet, try having some on your next trip. I don’t know it its available elsewhere but I was able to get one at Mine’s View Park. It’s a nice, brief and great deviation of the palate from the usual taste of taho in Manila. You might be thinking that that taho itself is strawberry flavor, hence, appearing pale red. It’s the usual white taho that we all know but in lieu of the the “arnibal” is fresh strawberry syrup that gave it a distinct taste and flavor. It complemented well to the warm taho over cold Baguio!

baguio strawberry taho 2

However, it comes with a price triple than the usual ten-peso taho in lowland Manila. When asked if it was a tourist price, the Magtataho replied with a “no valued added po!” Whether or not it was true, I had two cups!

We stayed in a budget hotel inside Camp John Hay and for the longest time, I did not know that there is this cozy Chocolate de Batirol Garden Resto within the vicinity serving hot “tsokolate” the old-fashion way. They also serve local delicacies and meals that go well with your hot chocolate!

baguio chocolate de batirol 3

You may want to see other Flickr images Around Baguio and Everything Baguio that I took.

Postscript: There may be more who needs just a little of what we we for ourselves this Season. 🙂

pathway from baguio cathedral to session road 2

baguio mine's view park 7

Mine is being uploaded. Hehehe!!!

Naimbag a Paskua kadakayo amin apo!


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