My Christmas away from Home

I wasn’t able to go home to the province for Christmas, though this is not the first time. If I don’t spend it in the province, I usually stay in my abode in Manila, especially when some of my friends still lived in the same street.

This year, it was difficult to spend it in the province because I have my dog and birds to look after. Moreover, it’s no longer convenient to ask someone to look after my place or attend to my pets while away.

So, the plan was simple – to stay home. But it was just a plan. . .

Luckily, I was invited to spend Christmas in Sta. Rosa, Laguna and with the promise to go back to Manila every now and then, I thought it was a good idea to spend the holidays with my friends and still able to attend whatever is back home.

grilled steak and prawns
Christmas Dinner

If I had a good plan to spend the holidays without compromising “my home companies”, my friends had a better plan, and so it was…

Aside from dinner, we had the time to go to Enchanted Kingdom which is incidentally, very near, but appeared to be far because of heavy traffic and lack of parking space which took so much time.

To save us from the long queue for tickets, I had to use my previous government ID (no malice intended 🙂 ) just to get tickets from the empty line for government employees.

enchanted kingdom ride2b
Enchanted Kingdom

Nothing has changed much in Enchanted except for many people in the that night because of the Holidays. Some rides were not even operational that time that added to the long lines of the other rides.

enchanted kingdom ride1d

I enjoyed, not the rides, but taking some pictures that night. They may not be the best night shots but I am sharing them with you anyway in my Flickr Album.

Enjoy and again, Merry Christmas to everyone!


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