Fried Halo-Halo ++

I had late lunch at Canlubang Golf few days back. We were prepared an array of delectable and gourmet cuisine from the club’s menu, which were all well thought of by no less than the Executive Chef [Chef Anton-now with Vikings I think, as of 4/11/13] himself who is incidentally my season’s host together with his family.

Food was great! Panalo! Before the main course, let me share with you one very interesting dessert served. Most often, when you strike the balance between opposites, like in this case, hot and cold, something good may always come out. It was presented as turon and so I thought it was the same turon from a previous lunch, but it was not. What I thought was an ordinary turon with banana and langka inside came with more friends in company! Banana and langka came with all other ingredients of the ordinary halo-halo that we know, rolled in lumpia wrapper, fried and topped with ice crème. Hence, the “fried halo-halo!”

Fried Halo Halo

When I was told about it before it was served, I was thinking more of fried ingredients of halo-halo over crunch ice but it was presented like TURON style I thought of turon halo-halo as its name but the Chef calls it otherwise. The softness of the halo-halo ingredients inside burst with mixed sweetness, complemented by the thin-crunch of the wrapper in the outside. It’s good even without ice crème. The desired sweetness it already achieved as it is.

I was not able to get any confirmation if it was an original. Per google check [2008], no fried halo halo. Whatever the case maybe, it was fresh and surprising.

For the main course, we were served Fish Parmeggiana:

Fish Parmeggiana!

Grilled Chicken Roll with Laguna cheese (kesong puti) which I really thought was grilled squid:

Grilled Chicken Stuffed with Laguna Cheese!

And, the ever popular Sautéed Prawn:


The Cantaloupe Juice was also very refreshing:

Cantaloupe Juice!

Big Thanks to Chef Anton!

Happy New Year!!!

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3 Responses to Fried Halo-Halo ++

  1. Camille Ramirez says:

    hello sir,
    if that’s the case sir, can we keep in touch with you by getting your cellphone number?. can we also asked to set an interview this Thursday?
    thanks again:D

  2. Camille Ramirez says:

    Hi Sir.
    Your blog is interesting. Actually it boosted my interest because it is a perfect element for our group’s docu. featuring halo-halo.
    Can you share with us the place where we can find this fried halo-halo? we are in urgent need. We hope to have your immediate response regarding this matter. Thanks.^^

    • biagkensiak says:

      It used to be served at Canlubang Golf & Country Club in Laguna but the Chef who was making it is no longer connected with the Club and I don’t think they are still making it. If you want you can PM me because i personally know the Chef. Regards…

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