Baby Rocket: Pinoy Kwitis

What could be a Pinoy New Year without “kwitis” (a.k.a. baby rocket)!!!

Kwitis photos from Flickr by uckhet danapuri bongbongdang

Firecrakers, local or imported, have tremendously evolved every year but the “kwitis” is here to stay. It’s already part of Pinoy New Year celebration and culture to have a handful to fire on New Year’s Eve. It may not be as grand compared to high end firecrakers from Bocaue or China but it may have something to do with the excitement and danger of lighting it that makes it popular every New Year. Tayo pa, the more dangerous it is, the more excited we become!

Last New Year, we lighted some and here’s what we got:


If Kwitis is suppose to be for growm ups, playing second best is the “lusis” to be more safe for the kiddos!

new year 09_lusis

See more of our Newy Year pics in my Flickr Album.



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2 Responses to Baby Rocket: Pinoy Kwitis

  1. Anonymous says:

    Memories. I’m missing you!

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