CURRIMAO: Resorts and other Places of Interests.

On my way to Badoc , I made a side trip to Currimao and Brgy. Victoria is where the Resorts are. Aside from the local fave, Pangil Beach and D’ Coral Beach Resort , you have Playa Tropical Resort, Sitio Remedios and Nipa Hut Resort, all on the same road from the junction near Shell gas station, going to the town proper.

Probably the newest resort, to date, is Playa Tropical Resort Hotel, a few meters away from the Junction. There are enough signs that will lead you to the place.

Unfortunately, I was only admitted up to the reception area. As a first time visitor of the resort, I was eager to see and have a quick peek of what’s in store for its visitors. However, I was being charged Php 50.00 entrance fee and I almost thought I was visiting a Zoo where entrance fees are understandable! It’s not the amount of the fee, it’s the principle behind it. If you use their facilities, yes, an entrance fee is called for, but if you only need to see, I cannot understand. It’s like welcoming a visitor in your home then charge after if passing by to to say hello and look around for a while!

I will try my luck next time. 🙂

[Please read my latest entry on the Playa Tropical though – 29 Dec 2009]

Along the same [main]road is Sitio Remedios. You may miss the road leading to it due to lack of visible direction signs. Better ask for directions upon turning left from the main road. Unfortunately, again, visits are by appointment only, as I was informed by the caretaker. When I got in, it appeared to me as an abandoned community, like 70’s Pinoy movie setting, but that must be the real charm of the place. To think that it was summer, there was not even a single visitor that I saw, or I was just wrong.

Better luck next time, again. 🙂

The Nipa Hut Beach Resort, which is very visible from the road, is not hard to find. Now, this is the one that welcomes even just passing guests to see the whole resort and what their facilities are! The irony of it all, it caters to Taiwanese and Korean tourists, as it was obvious in the signs inside the resort. If this resort which caters to foreigners allows local tourists and even passersby to get inside and have a peek of the whole Resort, it’s such a great disgust that other resorts refuse entry without a fee!!!

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5 Responses to CURRIMAO: Resorts and other Places of Interests.

  1. Salvs says:

    we might visit currimao next week, just checking the rates 😀 very nice looking beaches!

  2. Aida sarmiento says:

    Hi i would like to book a venue their on april. Can you please let me wat is the for 50 people on april 7 2012, saturday…how much that would be?

  3. Victoria says:

    hi. I was at the Playa Tropical Resort hotel in Currimao a couple of months ago and I would say that the P50 entrance fee serves only as a deterrent to passersby as you can go down to the beach and walk by the seashore from the resort. I guess they’re just trying to keep the resort private cos you wouldn’t want to have gawkers ogling you as you enjoy your swim in their cool eternity pool! LOL

    • biagkensiak says:

      I understand that perfectly. 🙂 It’s just that at that time, no amount of kind words made the difference. 😦
      I made my objective clear and did not look like someone who might irritate guests :). That’s fine. The place looks great from the outside tho.

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