Mongolian Bbq, Atbp!

Mongolian Barbecue is a restaurant style of stir frying meats and vegetables over a large, round, solid iron griddle. Originally from Taiwan and not a cuisine from Mongolia. It is called barbecue even when it’s not cooked in direct fire. (Source).

Copy of Seafood Mongolian BBQ Cooking

Photos here were taken from Cangolf (1) (2) (3) in several of my Lunch treats courtesy of its ever gracious Chef.

Recently, it has added some Japz to its Menu and below is a sample of its Agadashi Tofu, a Japanese way of serving hot tofu dusted with potato or corn starch, deep fried until golden brown, served with hot broth and topped with finely chopped spring onion, (Source):

Copy of Agedashi_Tofu

And what’s a good meal without an equally good dessert? 🙂

Copy of Mango n' Cherry

See more images on my Flickr.


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One Response to Mongolian Bbq, Atbp!

  1. Tonka T. says:

    Great personal blog on Ilocos culture and travel! Just a comment on your Agedashe Tofu entry regarding your use of “Japz” as shorthand for japanese – I know “Japz” is a small part of the web vernacular and acceptable to some in the cool or irreverent minded crowd but I’d think again before inserting it in your fine blog. To some, mainly older generations and probably Japanese that usage could be racist/derogatory – it’s too similar to “Japs”. Even though your meaning is fairly clear – I would not leave myself open to negative interpretation in the interest of being hip.

    Keep up the good work otherwise. I really appreciate your entry w/photos on Ilocos Norte and Adams. I’m planning to be in the Pagudpud area for a week in mid-July and hope I can do a little bit of ecotrekking aside from the usual beach lounging.

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