Pinili: Chosen. By Whom?

Pinili, Ilocos Norte, is called Pinili because Gregorio Aglipay, founder of the Philippine Independent Church, chose (Pinili in Tagalog and Ilocano) to hide in this mountainous municipality. Aglipay has a statue in honor of him, having a bible & a revolver in his hands (Source).

Pinili Mural_Planting Rice

It was my first time to go to Pinili and most of the more interesting images in my recent visit to Ilocos were taken here. The murals in the Aglipay Shrine in this place (another one is in Batac) were very interesting, reflective of hard work and bounty of provincial life.

Pinili Mural_Garlic

Instead of the always imposing Roman Catholic Church characteristic of every Ilocos’ town, the Aglipay Shrine was interesting and enlightening. I never thought Pinili and Ilocano Gregorio Aglipay have a great part of religious history.

The Aglipay Shrine is in memory of the most colorful revolutionary figure, Fr. Gregorio Aglipay, that stood squarely behind the oppressed people of God when he founded his protestant sect known as the Filipino Independent Church (Source).

Pinili Mural_Harvest

Gregorio Aglipay, born in Batac, Ilocos Norte, was a former Catholic Priest who stood and fought as a revolutionary during the Spanish Colonization (Source).


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One Response to Pinili: Chosen. By Whom?

  1. kevin barola says:

    Gregorio Aglipay is from Batac right? Lots of national figures frm Ilocos Norte, Marcos, Juan Luna Badoc, Ricarte Batac, Ver Sarrat, Escoda Dingras. Lots of good food too. Pinakbet, etc, etc. …
    Nice roads too!!

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