NCAA 2009 Newbies: Two U and a C!

NCAA 2009 (Season 85) opens at the Big Dome this Saturday, June 27, the A(h1n1) scare, notwithstanding. The three-peat Champs, San Beda, plays host this season (Source).



The season will begin with a tripleheader of seniors’ basketball games. Since the host is also the defending champion (San Beda), the traditional “host vs. champion” opening game will be replaced with San Beda vs. Mapua (last season’s host) (Source).

With the addition of Arellano University, Angeles University Foundation, and Emilio Aguinaldo College, it will be a bigger and better NC Season even if PCU have finally bowed out from the league. Other schools were also considered to become new members of the NCAA.

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Bedista ako kaya para sa San Beda ako!

Animo San Beda!!!

Animo San Beda!!!


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