How to Eat Pansit!

When I was in Malarayat, we were looking for a place to eat uathentic Lipa cuisine with not much damage to the purse. We were referred to Hapag Filipino, known to be one of the oldest restaurants in Lipa. However, the food is quite costly and the prices in the menu are mostly dependent on “size/weight”. Together with fried Maliputo (topped with lots and lots of toasted garlic!), we ordered one of their better priced noodles known as Pansit Lang-Lang. It was good that we ordered it again for meryenda the next day and ate it together with hot pandesal bought from a nearby bakery:

Hapag Filipino Lipa City (2)

We tried asking why it’s called pansit lang-lang but no one was able to give us an answer that left me at peace. 🙂 I was telling myself ,that maybe, because kung ano-ano lang ang nilagay that’s why is called lang-lang! Hope it makes sense. 🙂

Pansit Lang-Lang:
Hapag Filipino Lipa City (1)

Resto’s signeage:
Hapag Filipino Lipa City

Read more on Hapag Filipino in Lipa:

“For lunch, we decided to comb Lipa City for its famous specialty, bulalo, and found ourselves at the doorstep of Hapag Filipino. This is one of the oldest restaurants in the area and gets our vote for serving the best beef shank broth around. (Soure)

“The bulalo at Hapag Filipino in Lipa City was to die for! Perfectly seasoned and the beef shank meat was slow-cooked to the bone that you can almost feel it melting in your mouth. Hapag is one of the oldest restaurants in Lipa and is a must-visit if you’re hankering for Batangas specialties. It is also one of the best sources for precious maliputo, either grilled or made into sinigang. (Source)


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2 Responses to How to Eat Pansit!

  1. marya says:

    Interesting… Here in Japan, they do that also with the Yakisoba.

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