Lipa: The San Sebastian Cathedral and the Shrine of Our Lady of Mediatrix of All Grace.

When in Lipa, you shouldn’t miss going to the San Sebastian Cathedral [also known as Lipa Cathedral] right at the heart of the City:

[See more images of the Cathedral in my Flickr]

The Cathedral’s marker reads: ” The Parish of Lipa was administered by the Augustinians from 1605 to the end of 19th century. Lipa, which was located formerly on the shore of Bombon Lake, was destroyed by the eruption of Taal Volcano in 1754 but was reconstructed on the present site. This church was built under the supervision the Rev. Benito Barras, O.S.A., Parish Priest from 1865 to 1894. The Diocese of Lipa was created by Pope Pius X on April 10, 1910. The Augustinians encouraged the extensive cultivation of cacao and cofee.”

[You may read more on Lipa Cathedral here.]

Another church to visit is the Our Lady of Mount Carmel Church or The Shrine of Our Lady of Mediatrix of all Grace:

It was in August 1948, when the first recorded miracle on happened when the Blessed Mother appeared 19 times to a novice in the Carmelite order in Lipa City, Philippines. Our Lady first appeared to the novice, Teresita Castillo, when she was in her cell. The latest being on January 24, 1991, when rose petals began to fall straight from the sky again at the Carmelite convent in Lipa City. A few days later, six children playing in the garden at the convent saw the statue come to life. (Source). Read more.

It was my second visit to the Shrine. Before leaving, the notice on a tree on the shrine grounds caught my attention:

See more images of the two churches in Lipa in my Flickr.


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One Response to Lipa: The San Sebastian Cathedral and the Shrine of Our Lady of Mediatrix of All Grace.

  1. Dear Sr.Teresita Castillo,
    I Love our Blessed Mother and Jesus so much. Please pray for me and my family, my mom 92yr in Jan 16 has a big tumor by her breast and we cannot have it removed it is dangerous, my sister who just had breast surgery Josie Cumento is her name, my brother Jimmy Patricio who used to served as alter boy since he was very young untill adulthood like 30years old now he does not pray the rosary and change religion and he is not forgiving on his new religion, my niece who is now in London and for myself . I used to send balik bayan boxes to Carmelite nuns in Manila and in a province north and because I was a small benefactor they were nice and send me to the beach by the church member. Then I have not heared from them anymore,I came to know them because there is a Carmelite nuns about 45minutes away from our home and we visit them all the time.Please I have fallen short to our Beloved Jesus and Mother Mary so I need a lot of prayers and if you hear from her tell me what she said. I do my adoration everyday for 3hrs sometimes 2 sometimes 1 1/2hrs early in the morning. I used to dream about the Blessed Mother and Jesus of the Sacred Heart, and not now, I hope to go to the Philippines and visit and visit you and your congregation. I used to bring nice rosaries of different colors donated by my sister and my niece who help make them and other church ladies.But since the things are getting to expensive I have not done any of those anymore, I send also to the Pink sisters and St. Claires. I will pray for you.

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