My Callao Cave on Northbound Magazine

As a photo enthusiast, being acknowledged for uploaded images is good. As a blogger, being invited to write for a travel magazine is better!

northbound issue 3

Download and read my article "Exploring Callao Cave" appearing on Pages 27-30

Sometime July, I received an e-mail from a certain Robby Torres asking if I was interested to write an article for Northbound Magazine on Callao Cave of Cagayan Valley. I did not ask why and how it came to be me. My intuition was telling me, however, that he might have read my Blog, and that was enough for me not to ask any further. Inspired, I wrote the article with interest and pleasure. Unfortunately, my archive of images of the Cave is not suited for a glossy magazine spread. While I supplied some borrowed images with notice, apparently, they provided their own.

It was only after submitting the article that I became curious about the magazine. I later found out that the Robby who earlier e-mailed me is the Associate Editor and with Ivan Henares as the Editor.

Finally, a travel magazine magazine devoted to Northern Philippines! Great idea and more power to the people behind the project. Northbound Magazine is a publication of North Philippines Visitors Bureau especially dedicated to the four northern provinces which are Ilocos, Cagayan Valley, Cordilleras and Central Luzon. Way to go!

northbound issue 1

northbound issue 2

northbound issue 4

Having written Northbound, a travel magazine dedicated to the Province/s up North is my privilege. It’s what my Blog is all about…

Dios ti Agngina, Northbound!


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8 Responses to My Callao Cave on Northbound Magazine

  1. mimi says:

    its nice to know that there was such a magazine promoting local tourism. would you know where can i get a copy? im here in manila. thanks and more power!

    • biagkensiak says:

      Hi. I still have an extra copy of the magazine where my article on Callao Cave was published. I can give you one of you want, I am also in Manila. For other copies, however, you may try calling the publisher. Numbers appear in the editorial box. Good day!

  2. Heya…my very first comment on your site. ,I have been reading your blog for a while and thought I would completely pop in and drop a friendly note. . It is great stuff indeed. I also wanted to there a way to subscribe to your site via email?

  3. emerson says:

    Your north bound magazine was great. You’re trying to post the beauty of our motherland

  4. biagkensiak says:

    Ferdz & Benj:

    I am fully aware of your forum’s content and concern regarding the callao cave images in the latest issue of Northbound.

    As a writer and a photographer, I understand where you are coming from and I may even probably react the same way, in the first instance. It is so unfortunate that while I take pride in writing for a magazine dedicated to my Province, some of your members are dismayed because of the incident.

    I was originally requested to furnish hi-res images of callao cave, and if I had (unfortunately I do not the original images in my archive anymore)there should have been no issue at all. It is saddening that it became an issue of great importance in your forum, and I understand that.

    Unfortunately, I certainly do not have the first-hand facts of what transpired between the publication and your concerned member and it would be very unfair for me to pass judgment to anyone especially when it is merely based on unverified facts.

    Publication in the internet comes with a great risk. It makes me ponder if issues such as your concern of photo screen-grabbing (allegedly without proper permission) is as important as whether or not anyone can say anything about anyone in cyberspace without being liable. I was just wondering what about if someone grabs the full transcript of a certain blog entry or any article written in the internet to one’s forum or own blog and even with the proper link credits; would that be the same or different from an alleged photo-grab with the same credit? Is an unverified declaration, say in a certain forum in the internet, to prejudice others, read by many, can be prosecuted for libel also?

    I am fully aware, of your member’s concern for fees, and who doesn’t. However, if the publication, in truth and in fact, have offered compensation, even belatedly, it may already be construed as keeping with substantial compliance of the magazine’s responsibility to your concerned member.

    I presume you will agree with me when I say that there are really no clear-cut law at the moment in our jurisdiction to address such issue of great importance to both of us. We have an existing Copyright Law that may not even suffice for quick and successful prosecution of photo-grabbing in the internet.

    With the advent of internet that continues to be a potent source of copyright issues, even a seasoned legalist may have some reservations regarding this. I am not in favor of grabbing on the internet. It is my personal conviction that while to grab someone’s work without proper credits is morally frowned upon, our present laws may still be insufficient.

    Preventing grabbing is close to impossible, at this time, and in the meantime that there is no sufficient law at present to address it, there is no substitute for calmer minds with the end of settling everything to make both parties satisfied, before we start castigating. You will agree with me if I say that there are better ways to settle an issue other than legal.

    Ferdz and Benj, big thanks for dropping by and leaving your comments.

    More power guys and Good day!!!

  5. benj says:

    congratulations to you, but what that magazine did was disgusting.

  6. Ferdz says:

    Am glad to see your article there. Unfortunately some of the images there were screen-grabed without proper permission from the owner. Sad the magazine was desperate enough to do this. Check out the discussion at Digital Photographer Philippines

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