HONG KONG: Museum of History. Science Museum. Symphony of Lights. Temple Street Night Market

Cultured. Informed. Cheap finds. That’s how I characterize our Hong Kong city tour.

Fascade. Museum of History.

On the second day, the Symphony of Lights was most anticipated. The venue being close to our Hotel, we decided to do it later in the night. During the day, we planned to go to Nathan Road for some cheap meals and bargains. However, our feet led us instead to the nearby Science Museum and Museum of History. The child wanted the former, the adults, the later for some culture and history.

Paddles. Science Museum.

During our entire stay in HKG, time was never a priority. It was already over past lunch, 2:00 PM, to be exact, when we’re done with both museums. We still decided to check out Nathan Road for lunch or any local restaurant which we may find along the way. We were not able to reach Nathan Road for lunch anymore as we were already hungry. We landed at McDonald’s in Kowloon Park.

Traditional Chinese Lanterns

Before we McDonald’s, I saw a local delicacy sold in the street. I have no idea how its called but I liked it and had it again the day after! It’s like a waffle but thin and crispy, with soft melted cheese inside the “humps!”

Waffles. Thin & Crispy. Yummy

Already tired after lunch, we got back to the Hotel to have some rest in time for the Symphony of Lights at Victoria Harbor early in the evening. We also wanted to check out the night market at Temple Street being closer to our location than Mongkok.

Blame it maybe to our overrated expectation of the Symphony of Lights show but that’s how it was described in tour books and in the internet. Blame it, maybe to the wrong timing being a Friday night. We were frustrated! All we saw were ordinary laser lights on top of few buildings in HKG Island side. Other than that, it was nothing. We thought it was a spectacle but it was not. We thought at least most of the buildings on the HKG side participate but there were only about 5. It did not deserve a second chance. It was forgettable for me. All contrary to being the Guiness’  largest permanent sound-and-light show of the world. Even then, there were a lot to do more after.

MTR. Subway of HKG.

Quite frustrated, we hit the MTR going to Temple Street  for dinner and few bargains. We got off at the next station, incidentally called Jordan, and a short walk brought us to Temple Street. It’s their version of our Divisoria. Temple Street sells local produce during the day and becomes a cheap place to dine and scout for bargain items at night. Most items sold are the same items you may find in 168 Mall! Even then, I got 2 small items for posterity, both symbolic of my zodiac sign. Shopping was never an intention. More than the bargain items on sale, the night dining was really good at cheap prices. So good and cheap that we had to go back one more night!

Night Market at Temple Street

For the second straight night, we came back to the Hotel late and have to go to bed past midnight. By then, we were already getting used to the MTR and walking around HKG. At this point, I realized, however, that I should have brought (more) extra socks, even foot powder for obvious reasons!

Salted Duck. Temple Street.

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