Stars of Victoria in Space

Victoria Harbor. Avenue of Stars. Space Museum

The "Dukling Boat." Traditional Chinese (wooded) boat. It sails you around the Victoria Harbor. A piece of historical junk.

Victoria Harbor at Night. Usual Sight.

On our third day, we went out later in the afternoon and gave ourselves time to take it easy in the morning! We wanted to go back first, to Kowloon Park and see the nearby Kowloon Mosque, then back to Victoria Harbor for the HKG Space Museum. They are all walking distance from the hotel and passing by the Victoria Harbor instead of the interior streets of Kowloon may be a better idea. By the time we were at the Victoria Harbor, there were already a lot of activities going on at 2:00 PM. We became so engaged that it was already dark when we realized we have not gone to any of the places we wanted to first!

One of several stage performances along Victoria Harbor.

SEE more pictures of activities going on at the Victoria Harbor in MY FLICKR HERE!


The Victoria Harbor is the centerpiece of HKG and we were lucky to have a location so near. Almost every time we go out, we always pass by the Harbor. Walking along the Harbor is almost all of HKG. Along the Harbor are the Avenue of Stars, Star Ferry Terminal, Waterfront Promenade, Clock Tower, together with HKG’s Museum of Art, Cultural Center and Space Museum.

Avenue of Stars. Victoria Harbor.

Kowloon Clocktower and HKG Cultural Center. Victoria Harbor.

SEE more pictures of the Avenue of Stars in MY FLICKR HERE!

Early in the morning, when the shops are still closed and tourists are still in deep slumber [like my companions back in the Hotel! 🙂 ], walking along the Harbor is one great experience! It makes you own the place. This is the Harbor that I wanted to see, in it’s most natural and purest form.

Victoria Harbor. In the Raw.

Victoria Harbor. Unassuming.

The HGK Space Museum was suppose to be the second to our last stop. We planned to check out another night market in Mongkok after the Space Museum, but like our second day, we did not have much control of the time.

In the Dome. The HKG Space Museum.

At the Space Museum, there is an “Ecosphere” which I found interesting! It is a piece of collection of a self-sustaining and contained environment sealed since 1991. Closer look reveals that everything inside is alive with no external intervention.

The Ecosphere. Sealed since 1991.

The description reads: “Research on long duration manned missions has led to the development of self-contained ecosystems patterned after the Earth’s own. This ecosphere, containing algae, bacteria and brine shrimp requires no feeding or cleaning and can remain operational for years.”

[SEE more photos of the HKG Space Museum in MY FLICKR HERE!]

It was already past dinner time (as always!) when we’re done with the Space Museum and our Mongkok trip have be wait indefinitely (and have been forgotten later, definitely!).

Fortunately but not, when we went out of the Space Museum, I saw the “Dukling Boat” which I wanted to ride even before coming to HKG. Referred to as  “historic junk,” being a traditional local wooded boat, however, refurbished, and takes tourists around the Harbor. Docked to unload and load passengers, I ran so fast because it might just leave so soon that I may not have the chance to take even just a picture up close, if I cannot ride it!

The "Dukling." Gained an image. Failed to ride.

Jordan wanted to have another UMD for his PSP at Mongkok. However, Amy was able to negotiate for a good deal that we will have dinner instead at a Szechuan restaurant near our Hotel where the food is really great at good a price. The UMD then waited a while, while dinner did not!

Szechuan Spicy Steamed Tofu w/ Ground Beef. Soft, steamy, yummy!

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Here are other Images along Victoria Harbor and its vicinity:

Wedding Foto'd along Victoria Harbor

Good Location for Foto's. The HKG Cultural Center.

Service stairs of the HKG Cultural Center

Hoi You?!

Bruce Lee. Avenue of Stars. His star does not have his, only a star. He has this iconic piece instead!

The 2-IFC (Int'l. Finance Center) Bldg. Tallest in HKG. Taken from the Ave. of Stars. Captured. Filmrolled.

Jacky Chan's Star. Avenue of Stars.

Local Performer. Avenue of Stars.

Anticipating to perform.

For Me, you have not been to HKG if you have not gone to Victoria Harbor…

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