Hongkong Tram [a.k.a] “Ding Ding!”

Hongkong Tramcar. One of 163-tramcars in service.

Hongkong is one great haven of well-preserved heritage, brilliantly blending with the incessantly evolving modern world. Its prevailing skyscrapers, notwithstanding, old Hongkong is vibrant and evident in one of its oldest mode of transportation – the tram or locally known as “ding-ding!” [Note: “ding-ding” in reference to its warning bell which goes “ding-ding-ding-ding…”]

Yao Ming Tramcar

A closer shot of Yao

Past Yao!

Mechanically vintage, now with contemporary appeal by print advertisements , the tram still serves as a major mode of transportation in Hongkong’s Central Business District. The best experience would be to get a seat at the deck but you may have a difficult time getting off if you go on short distances. The tram may become full on rush hours including lunch time.

Tramline in operation since 1904

World's largest double-decker trams still in service

The most economical mode of transportation in Hongkong

In our ride in the Ding Ding, I managed to get some images from the deck of the streets of cosmopolitan Hongkong:

From the back...

To the front...

And the sides...Labor protest in progress!

See more pictures of the Hongkong Tram in MY FLICKR HERE!

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