Recto Fire near Isetan and Doroteo Jose LRT Station

This afternoon, Recto Avenue have been “paralyzed” due to a massive fire in a residential area in Sta. Cruz, Manila, opposite Isetan Recto and near Doroteo Jose LRT Station. Classes have to be suspended in nearby schools and universities as a precautionary measure, my class included even if my building is 2-blocks away.

Recto Fire: 11 Dec 2009. 5:00 pm

Initial reports indicate that it may have been caused by “faulty electrical wiring” [Read: illegal connection!] which usually prove to post great danger to life and property. By reason of the incident, two children who belong to the same family died.

Taken from Recto Avenue

The LRT lines 1 & 2 halted operation and other public utility vehicles freed the whole stretch of Recto Avenue from Mendiola to Rizal Avenue [Avenida].

Taken from Mendiola

On the lighter side, I was lecturing on “fortuitous events” in Law and if they did not understand any better, I don’t know what is! 🙂


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