Juxtaposing a Fishing Village

Blessed with long stretch of coastline, Currimao, Ilocos Norte is primarily a fishing town and home to several beaches and coral formations.


Fishermen Boats. On Dock.

Last Christmas, I stayed at Playa Tropical Resort in the same town with my family and one early morning, I strolled along the shores of the resort and immediately next to it is a quaint fishing village, juxtaposing the current and up-to-date modern resort where I came from.

The fishing village/s of Currimao is known for making use of the old-fashioned way to catch fish by “Daklis” – a 3-km. long fishnet often made and crafted by villagers

How to make "Daklis" 101

One best thing about going to other places is being able to see and learn outside the confines of your destination. There are always more to see beyond where you intended to be at. I grew up in the province, I am a “probinsyano” but I will always be amazed by a provincial life, in a humble village, where people are resilient ingenious.

Fresh Catch. May become too enterprising at P250/kilo.

Getting Warm

More on Currimao:

Coral Rocks Formation [Pangil Beach]

Watchtower Ruins

Tabacalera Ruins

Resorts. Places of Interests.

Playa Tropical Resort Hotel


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  1. ray tabag says:

    that’s all my uncle guy…..

  2. Kelly Magar says:

    Just surfing around and came upon your site. Very fine post. Will be adding you to my RSS reader.

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