Pamulinawen Festival 2010

Pamulinawen Festival Logo

The Pamulinawen Festival is held every 10th day of February in Laoag City. Last month, it celebrated its 14th-year which coincides with the Feast Day of Saint William the Hermit, the City’s  Patron Saint. A finalist for Best Tourism Events for Arts & Culture [2009] and a consistent crowd drawer and honoree in the yearly Aliwan Fiesta every April in Manila, Pamulinawen Festival is the most anticipated event in Ilocos after Christmas and New Year Holidays!

Pamulinawen Festival 2010 Logo

From a simple celebration of the Feast Day of St. William, it has evolved into a more popular Festival showcasing the culture and heritage, not only of Laoag City but the whole Province of Ilocos, through various socio-civic activities, civic-military parade, parade of floats and its centerpiece, the Streetdancing Competition. It include the Dulang Food Festival [“dulang” in Ilocano is dining table], Calesa Festival and Miss Laoag Pamulinawen Festival Beauty Pageant, among others.

Wondering who or what Pamulinawen is? “I never knew that Pamulinawen existed and continues to exist except that she is now immortalized as a fountain top in what is known to be the “Pamulinawen Fountain” at the public park in front of the Provincial Capitol in Laoag City.” [Excerpt from my my previous post]

See also slides of Flickr photos and Blauearth’s Blog for Pamulinawen Festival 2010.


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4 Responses to Pamulinawen Festival 2010

  1. Manong Unyol says:

    napintas etoy nga blog 🙂 dakkel tulong na…

  2. blauearth says:

    Hi. Thanks, friend for the link 🙂
    More power to you!!

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