Seen: Vagabond3 and Lonely Planet

Some couple of days ago, Bob of Vagabond3 [a.k.a. V3] emailed asking permission to make use of one of my images of The Peak in a previous HK trip, which was to be used in V3’s Webisode on exploring Hong Kong . I readily obliged.

My The Peak image landed in their webisode vid and no matter how short and quick, it was a privilege. V3’s Hong Kong webisode later on was featured in Lonely Planet’s travel blog .

To Bob and the whole V3 Team, thanks!


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One Response to Seen: Vagabond3 and Lonely Planet

  1. Bob says:

    Thanks so much for the shout out. I was really glad to be able to use your picture. Actually, we had no idea we were on Lonely Planet until I found this post. So…thanks for that too. Hope to work together more in the future.

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