Noynoy Tops Online Polls [this Blog]

This blog conducted an online poll for the next Philippine President which ran for few months and officially ends today. Of the 355 online pollers, Noynoy Aquino topped with 121 votes or 34%, followed by the following candidates in the top-four: Joseph Estrada [110 votes or 31%], Manny Villar [54 votes or 15%], Gibo Teodoro [45 votes or 13%].


Other candidates have not been included by reason of insignificant number of votes.

Tomorrow marks a milestone in Philippines electoral history. A nationwide automated elections which have been greatly criticized because of some preparation glitches, however, mostly favored is probably one of the most ambitious in recent local history.

Lets all be a part of  it! Go out and vote. Stay calm but vigilant. Above all, let’s all pray for the success of the 2010 National Elections in the most peaceful way.

God Bless our Country on May 10, 2010.

*Photo credit: tuloypinoy


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