DAVAO: Eden Nature Park and Resort, Philippine Eagle Center, Crocodile Park!

Eden Nature Park and Resort is Davao’s man-made nature park. Located 45-minutes from downtown Davao and going up some 3,ooo-feet above see level, it is accessible only by private transport. Discovered sometime in 1971, the resort used to be a logged-over area covered by wild grass. Its potential was, readily seen by the owners as the property provided an imposing view of Davao City and the Davao Gulf. Terraces were carved out of the mountain slope, and pine tree seedlings were planted. Pine trees provided canopies allowing other trees and plants to grow creating a secondary forest. Today, there are over 100,000 pine trees spread throughout 80 hectares [lifted and modified from: Source]

While in Davao, Eden is first in our list, being the farthest among two other planned destinations for the day, the Philippine Eagle Conservation Center and Crocodile Farm. We rented a taxi for 2.5k for the whole day. Not bad especially when you realize that driving from one place to the other is not a breeze. You can actually have a sufficient nap in between destinations which is actually very welcoming. 🙂

In Eden we took the day tour. As walk-in guests, you register at the Day Tour Center [see picture above]. The registration fee includes the tour and snacks. They have shuttles [“multicab”] for every group but in our case, we were with another group of 3 and it was just fine. They do the “seating capacity only” policy in their shuttles which is good. It afford guests enough elbow room to take pictures along the way, unless you belong to the same group and you prefer to be in just one shuttle. Every shuttle has a tour-guide who gives interesting information about the park, it’s history, even it’s owners, whom I learned to be the Ayala’s.

The tour has several stop points with ample time given in each stop. Our tour guide gladly answered questions about the park and even volunteered to take our pictures, which I think they are expected to do 🙂 . It was my first time to see fruit bearing Durian and Mangoosteen tress. Durian tree is huge, which I never thought, while Mangoosteen is not.

After the tour, we opted to go to the Fishing Village for our snacks. For am additional fee, you can catch [easily] tilapia from the pond. . You have the option though to take your snacks at their banquet restaurant, near the reception area where the tour ends. Snacks was simple – sandwich, cropec, brownies and a softdrink.

And that’s their day-tour. They have other Tour Packages which you can check out. In a later visit, I tried their buffet and it’s really really good!

We missed their “zipline” which they call the “Skyrider” due to time constraints. Give Eden one-day for a day-tour. We did not anticipate it. I personally could have stayed longer but we have to move to our next destination as planned.

See Eden Nature Park and Resort website here for more information and details about tours, accommodations and other services.

After Eden, we went to PHILIPPINE EAGLE CENTER. Not much to see except the experience to see the Eagles, in cages, and from a distance.  I was more amazed with the pythons at the entrance for photo ops and for a voluntary fee. No exact amount but 20 to 50-pesos should already be decent.

Know more about Philippine Eagle Center and Philippine Eagle Foundation in their WEBSITE and count me in in the preservation of the Philippine Eagle!

Last stop is the CROCODILE PARK. Now, this is definitely for kids. Not much to be amazed with except for “Pangil” reputed to be the biggest crocodile in captivity in the Philippines. Their bird and animal show every Saturday is a sure hit to kids. Truly enjoyable and educational. Entrance to the park includes free entrance to the Butterfly Garden and the cultural show at Tribu K’ Mindanawan, in different locations. Don’t worry, they are walking distance from one another.

Know more about Crocodile Park in their WEBSITE.

See more pictures of our Davao Nature Trip HERE and HERE!


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