Over a hundred photos of my first Sinulog experience! One beat. One dance. One vision. One Sinulog in One Cebu!!! Pit Senyor!!!


My First Sinulog:

Having a work assignment in the South for the past 1- and a half years has brought me closer to its people and culture. This is my first Sinulog and definitely not the last. Well, yes, as of this writing, at least. I had plans of attending Sinulog as early as second quarter of last year but as the celebration approaches, I ignored booking for a flight and hotel notwithstanding advises from friends in Cebu that I have to do it as early as possible and never a week prior, just like what I did! You always learn a lesson the hard way anyway. I paid the price. Now I know what to do next year! That is if I don’t hit Dinangyang. See, I change my mind just like that. Hehe.CLICK HERE TO VIEW MY SINULOG 2012 PHOTOS!!!.

A week before Sinulog, I called the travel agent and booked a flight to Cebu. The ticket was triple the ordinary price. Shocked. I put down the phone and thought for a while and even thought of taking the ferry instead. Taking the ferry means 3-days out of my approved leave and so there I was, closed my eyes, called the travel agent, took a deep breath and got the ticket. Ok so I have it.

Ticket done. Now, accommodation. I have called every hotel even pension houses, even YMCA was not spared, but all are fully booked! By then I started to blame myself – I should have listened! I didn’t want to be accommodated by public parks or a waiting shed! I asked assistance from friends based in Cebu but even they cannot confirm accommodation anymore! I had options and was able to stay with some friends who willingly accommodated me even when Liz and Mon [friends from Cebu] was able to get me a room for rent at 100/day.

All was set. So on the night of January 12, 2012, I packed my bags ready for the flight to Cebu the next day.

First day: Friday. Arrived in Cebu from an hour delayed flight. Rested a while then went out to check Osmena Boulevard. I saw baderistas but I didn’t feel the festival fever yet. I went back and rested. At night I met a friend and had dinner at Nasings in V. Rama. Ordered our favorite liempo at 170-pesos, good for 2-3 with brown rice – or something like it, but this time, I noticed their liempo to be less juicy than before, otherwise, it’s like I can have it 3-times a day! After dinner, went up to Tops, by motorcycle. Tops is one place that I don’t miss everytime I am in Cebu. The night view of Cebu from the top is just awesome!CLICK HERE TO VIEW MY SINULOG 2012 PHOTOS!!!.

Second day: Saturday. I missed the fluvial parade at dawn. I later met with more friends for lunch – Gregg, Mon and Liz and went to Joed’s Lutong Hapon which I have been scouting in my previous trips to Cebu. Joed’s is a Japanese restaurant, carinderia style. They serve Japanese food at affordable prices. It’s something I wanted to take a meal again when I go back. Joed’s, formerly located in Mabolo, is now at the G/F of Enmore Residence Hall, Don Jose Avila Street, Capitol ite, Cebu City, just beside Sacred Heart Girls High School. You may check out their Facebook Page.

In the afternoon, I met with another friend Ana. We went to Banilad for a shoot with her friend Anne. Went back to the city after the shoot and was greeted by the Saturday solemn procession of the Sto. Nino. Traffic to the city was closed so we alighted from the cab and just walked and walked without knowing what directions to take really. We just walked until we our stomach needed to be fed. We ate at a Thai resto near Ramos Street and it was good. Food was so good, or maybe because I was just really starving, that I did not even bother to commit to memory the name of the street and the resto itself. It is located at a corner street. After dinner, I rested for the night and prepared for the next day’s grand parade.CLICK HERE TO VIEW MY SINULOG 2012 PHOTOS!!!.

Third day: Sunday. The grand parade. Woke up at 6am, hit the shower, put on my official sinulog photographer’s shirt, ID checked and camera bag checked, ops, camera checked too, then hit the parade at 7am. There alone I was, went around the parade route taking pics of the participants until 12nn. By then, even with a heavy breakfast, I felt I was going to faint, really, so I rested for a while and went back after 2-hours. I was on the parade route until dark. It was in the afternoon that I really witnessed how massive the crowd is during Sinulog. I had a photog pass that helped me a lot in going into and out of the crowd. That caused and costed me 1K, by the way, with an official shirt, ID and the privilege to take pics the parade line. Good, Ana accompanied me in the afternoon and even treated at Da Vinci’s Pizza near Fuente. I finally tasted their famous white sauce pizza and it passed my taste. I can have it again.

Thinking of an early flight back to work the next day, yes, back straight to work the next day, I took my rest. A friend visited and said goodbye right on time when my eyes were about to give up.

Fourth day. Monday. At 6am, I was already on my way to the airport. Arrived at my destination at 11am and went straight to work. Long 3-days but so much worth it!

That was my first Sinulog. Definitely not the last!

Next year, I know better.

See you again Sinulog! Pit Senyor!!!



My Carcar City Heritage Walk [2013]

Cebu City: My Solo Heritage Walk [2013]

Jesuit House 1730 Cebu [2013]

Mantayupan Falls Cebu [2011]

Sto. Nino de Cebu Shrine/Basilica, Magellan’s Cross, Parian Heritage Monument & Yap-Sandiego Ancestral House [2010]


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5 Responses to SINULOG FESTIVAL: 2012 Photos

  1. Tommy says:

    Laura,I just got the email for your comment. Was that not the greatest images in blogland? I was so amazed at the detail and the action. The mating image was sprluactcae. Thanks on the watercolor. It was a quick little sketchbook type painting because I could never get them to pose together, probably even if I captured them.And yes, my avatar image is me on the go. My Jeep is a different model now, but I did have a CJ7 at one time. Plus the roof is entirely removed on a CJ7, my Jeep now has a moon roof. The avatar would lose the cuteness.

  2. Keith says:

    Hello, is it okay if I use your image from Tops for my website?

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