MANTAYUPAN FALLS in Cebu is located in the Municipality of Barili, 61-kms from the City and about 1 – 1 & 1/2 hours drive. In one of my official trips to Cebu last quarter of the previous year, I planned to have an out of town drive to enjoy rural Cebu. Destination: Mantayupan Falls.

I have chosen Mantayupan Falls because of its accessibility, proximity, height and its importance to the City’s power generation program. The main falls is about 98-meters high and the minor falls, which may reach up to four, depending on the volume of water, is/are at about 14-meters high, flowing from the basin of the main falls. There is another one called Kawasan Falls but it’s a 4-hour drive and it was not good for me, total of 8-hours back and forth was not worth it. Besides, it’s not as high as Mantayupan. May araw din sya sa susunod 🙂

I was driving and my first in Cebu. So I asked my friends Jefford, Dhenn and Troy [they are from Cebu] to come along, having been to the falls several times. I wanted to take pictures without distractions, so we set Monday morning to avoid visitors distracting any view. I don’t like cloning them in Photoshop, my tears will fall, LOL!

We rented a car instead of taking a public transport for convenience. Went to Guani  rent-a-car, referred by a staff in Cebu as the most reliable and most affordable, being likewise the only 24-hour rent-a-car in the city. Got a Vios for 2.5k, 24-hours. Gas it for 1k but 500 should have really been enough.

We’re ready to go. Road was all good up to the entrance of Mantayupan Falls. Parking fee at 20-pesos and entrance at 25-pesos/head was not bad. It took me 1.5hours to drive for obvious reasons. I want to enjoy driving and enjoy what I see on the way, at least. Before reaching our destination, we stopped at the public market of Barili and bought 2-lechon manok, “puso” [compact rice in weaved coconuts leaves] and bottled water. Bring your food and water/drinks, but just in case you forget, there is a restaurant/canteen in the Falls.

Finally, we reached our destination. Excited to see and hear the roar of the cascading waters of Mantayupan, we went straight the paved pathway leading to it. I saw a falls below and thought that it was already it, but no, it’s just a “minor minor” falls, I was informed. Ok, so where is the “major major” falls? It’s above the “minor minor” one. We continued walking to a metal bridge [see picture above], few more steps on paved stairs until I finally saw its Majesty – the Mantayupan Falls.

There were just us. Perfect! Had some shoots and shots, ate late breakfast and to cap the visit, a deep in the “cold cold” water [life vest is mandatory at 10-pesos]. The bottom of the basin is muddy, and the rocks around it are sharp and slippery. I wasn’t able to walk through barefeet, you need your slippers and be careful. You don’t want to end up with bruises and cuts.

Before lunch, it was time to say goodbye. Just outside the entrance of the Falls is a Tilapia fishing village and restaurant [pictures below] where you catch your own tilapia and eat it too for a reasonable fee, both for fishing and cooking. You catch, they cook. You pay, you enjoy. All were able to catch except me but I was spared my meal, otherwise, they will have to walk going back to the city!

All likewise tried horseback ride except me [again!!!] because I was the official photog – de facto! Ok I was able to compromise on that. Lunch with all-fried tilapia and left-over lechon manok was good!

There goes my Mantayupan roadtrip. Left the city at 7am, back at 5pm. Great day, great memories which are not easy to forget!

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23 Responses to MANTAYUPAN FALLS: Cebu!

  1. JJ says:

    biankensiak can I ask a favor?

  2. Lee says:

    We are planning to go there this saturday. How many minutes will it take for you to reach the falls? Kanang gikan ka nag park sa sakyanan ba. Thanks

  3. Magandang alternate route ito since sarado pa rin ang Kawasan Falls

  4. Jay says:

    Thanks for sharin’ it. were the foods in the restaurant affordable?

  5. john ramos says:

    i have been there. nice kaau. we had a problem with our transpo but good thing we came up with a very affordable van for rent.. you should try to contact them, they are highly recommended. the name is extra mile with numbers (032)422-6062 or cell 09228433775..

  6. Anonymous says:

    awesome place please see it for yourself….

  7. Flip Lilgirl says:

    nice place! perfect shots! 🙂

  8. mae says:

    nice place! nice photos! 🙂

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