LAKE SEBU: The Seven Falls

“Hikong Bente” – The Immeasurable: Second of the Seven Falls of Lake Sebu

Time to hit the famous Seven Falls of Lake Sebu! After lunch at Punta Isla Lake Resort, we took another habal-habal ride to Brgy. Lake Seloton where the seven falls seat, or rather stand, or better yet falls! 🙂 It was raining that I have to tell my habal driver to stop a while and fix my dear camera bag’s beloved raincoat. Mabasa na ako huwag lang siya! Road was rough but it made the ride more exciting, complemented by the breathtaking view of Lake Sebu’s mountains. The rain, the clouds and the view was overwhelming. Forces of nature united for a fitting welcome and I never had the right to complain. I embraced it. I preferred it over sunshine. It was exhilarating! [See more Photos of Lake Sebu in my Flickr here]

“Hikong Alu” – The Passage: First of the Seven Falls of Lake Sebu

For a minimal entrance fee, we went down on cemented steps to see the first falls known as “Hikong Alu” in T’boli dialect, meaning The Passage. It was a short walk, passing by the starting point of the zipline.  The first falls has a bridge-viewdeck but you can go closer on paved pathway. Because it was raining and by reason of the mist coming from the falls, going nearer was not a good option because I was thinking of my camera getting wet. Hinde nya gusto! At a height of 35-feet with a wide brink, Hikong Alu for me is an immaculate curtain of virginal white waters. Hope I came across. The bridge-viewdeck was just perfect and its distance from the false was just right to get some images that I will treasure forever. Yun, cliche! 🙂[See more Photos of Lake Sebu in my Flickr here]

Lake Sebu Seven Falls: The First and the Second

So we’re done with the first. Five more to go. Going to the second falls, known as “Hikong Bente” in T’boli dialect, meaning Immeasurable

, you will pass by the zipline starting point. Enticing I must say. But because of the long line, because it was raining, because we have to get back on time for the 4:00 o’clock PM last trip to Surallah, because my company were not ready for it, because I have my camera bag and tripod to carry, because, ok, I’m running out of reasons. Bottomline – I was not ready! Brighter side: I have a reason to go back and it’s really a must try. Yes, I will. Serious ito.[See more Photos of Lake Sebu in my Flickr here]

Going to the second falls have two options. You drive down the road, or go down some 700-steps of zig-zagging paved stairs. We went for the steps. 700-steps going down should be easy but never going up. On our way down, we encountered some, gasping for air in its most literal meaning. No joke! If only I can decently give some. 🙂 It made me think, is there ever a sign below of the 700-steps going up? I did not notice any unless it escaped my sight. Below is an image of the footbridge[left] going to the seconds falls[right].

Finally, we reached Hikong Bente, the Immeasurable! At 70-feet of majestically falling waters and regarded as the highest among the seven falls, now I understand why it’s called the Immeasurable. All I can say is that it’s Powerful! Aghhh, I felt some energy by mere looking at it! Once in a while, though, you may be distracted by screams coming from above but don’t worry, they are not falling angels. The starting point of the zipline is on top of the falls and they are screams of excitement of those doing the zipline. There are picnic tables and it should really be nice if I can do that in my next visit in order to commune with my beloved nature. Parang ang sarap at ang saya! Below is a picture of the second falls’ basin to the left, and one lost soul to the right.[See more Photos of Lake Sebu in my Flickr here]

After taking some images I wanted,  we rested for a while. And if you are thinking that I will continue with the remaining five-falls, no. Only the first two-falls are readily accessible at this time. The other five may take long and difficult trekking depending on weather condition. It is not really advisable to actually visit the five at this time. The best way to see the remaining five, I was told, is to take the zipline, you can see all of them below. Galing, good selling point for the zipline. Hanga ako! 🙂[See more Photos of Lake Sebu in my Flickr here]

Here are what the remaining five falls are called and corresponding meanings: Falls 3: Hikong B’Lebel – Coil/Zigzag; Falls 4: Hikong Lowig – Booth; Falls 5: Hikong Ukol – Wild Flower; Falls 6: Hikong K’Fo-i –  Short; Falls 7: Hikong Tonok – Soil.

Before 4:00 o’clock PM, it was time to say goodbye to the Seven Falls and Lake Sebu. We looked for our respective habal-habal that took us to the waiting area for jeepneys going to Surallah. Inside the jeep, I can’t help but to look at all the pictures I have taken. I will commit to memory every second of my experience. I will go back. Definite. And this time, I will do the zipline already! No more excuses.

Superbly capping our Lake Sebu adventure when we got back to Koronadal was a cup of hot coffee in the form of my fave brown 3-in-1 and hot pandesal. Sarap that time. Sobra!

See you again Seven Falls. See you again Lake Sebu!

[See more Photos of Lake Sebu in my Flickr here]

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13 Responses to LAKE SEBU: The Seven Falls

  1. jellg mae says:

    hi mzta kau jn ang gnda pla ng lugar nyu tnx

  2. Am very happy to hear that. You have an eye for your craft. Please keep on promoting our islands proudly. They need to know about our paradise. I just finished a workshop in Koronadal, so I also checked your post about the city. 🙂

  3. Like you, I trudged down the 700 steps and ended up with cramped and shaky legs the whole night. 🙂

  4. Lala Sultan says:

    hellopo ask ko lang po magkano pamasahe sa habal-habal going to the lake and going to the terminal of surallah…pati na rin magkano pamasahe from surallah to koronadal?…tnx so much sana makareply u…wanna go there this november 20, 2012…

  5. DONNA says:

    i feel so excited now wanna go there and experience the thrilling of zepline and wanna eat there telapia delecacy

  6. joe a. barrera says:

    been to lake sebu falls too and enjoyed my first zipline ride there…have some photos here in my fb albums…will be back there next year!

  7. Anonymous says:

    and nice pics by the way…from faye

  8. Anonymous says:

    hi tanx sa ngpost it was very educational and inviting.i like to visit seven falls during my vacation ds year.and nway for the ones who remove ur post at punta isla its their lost they dont know how helpful ur blog was..

  9. hello poh sa lahat ng tga 7falls i miss 7falls kelan kya ako mkpnta ulit jn

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