FEATURED: My Photos!

On this post are some of my photos featured in several travel sites, international or local. I love to take pictures of anything and everything everywhere I go. I take time to choose which snapshots to show and find time to share my humble images through Flickr, Facebook and this Blog. I am always flattered and at the same time humbled every time I get a message asking permission or informing me that my images will or have been featured. I am only equipped with the basics and this is my passion. Here are some of them:

My photo from Madge Cafe in Iloilo City in ATLANTIC WIRE:

my coffee photo at atlantic wire

In IFLYMAGAZINE.COM: My Kadayawan Festival Photo:


In LITRATOPILIPINAS: My photo of Ilocos Norte Provincial Capitol in Laoag City:

torn's blog @ litratopilipinas

In TRAVELACCESS: My photo of T’boli lass in Lake Sebu:

torn's blog in travelaccess

Featured in TRIPTHEISLANDS.COM. Photo featured was taken in 2011 at Isla Reta Resort, Talicud Island, Samal, Davao:

My photo at triptheislands.com

Featured in LIVINGDAVAO.COM. Photos are from my Kadayawan 2012 Photos:

My photos as livingdavao.com

Featured in DAVAOTOURISM.COM. The photo featured was my 2nd Place photo at DPP Kadayawan Photocontest [2011]:

My photo at davaotourism.com

Featured in VAGABOND.COM. Video of Vagabond in Youtube at 5:24 mins/secs. I Have featured this earlier in this Blog:

The Peak Hongkong

Featured in TRIPSIDERS.COM (unfortunately, without proper credits and now with broken link). Photo from my New Israel: Makilala, North Cotabato:

new israel photo at tripsider.com

Life is a Photo!

From ARCHITECTURE REVIEWED: My photos of China Bank Tower Hong Kong:

torn's blog @ architecture reviewed

In HUB PAGES: My photos of Hong Kong 360 Cable Cars:

torn's blog @ hub pages


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