CARCAR CITY: My Walk of the Heritage City of Cebu!

My Carcar City walk was a breeze. Short, sweet, a little overcast but it did not dampen in any way my Carcar walk! In less than 2-hours, this is the shortest heritage walk I’ve done so far and with that said, it did not make any less my discovery of Carcar City – the Heritage City of Cebu![See complete set of photos of my Carcar Walk in my Flickr]

Before embarking, I did a brief research of what to see in Carcar. Being a heritage city [the other three are Vigan, Silay and Taal], I knew I am going to travel back in time with structures of historical, cultural and artistic significance. There are a lot written about Carcar heritage houses and I listed them, checked google-map for location, jotted down my directions and I was ready! Took a bus and in less than an hour, I reached Carcar. I started my walk as soon as I got down the bus.

Bus to Carcar City Cebu

FIRST STOP – ROTUNDA AND PUBLIC MARKET: From first sight, the Kiosk of the ROTUNDA is intricate and there are a lot to see! It has 4-stairs from all directions going up the platform. Its dome is donned with tiny complex details and design, topped with 2-women statues interpreted to be America guiding the Philippines. Noticeable is the ARCH design of the Kiosk [typical design on top of old houses’ windows] which I interpreted to be either “sunrise” or a “fan.”


I have also observed that the design has somehow become the City’s “insignia.” It is evident in buildings and other public structures which I have noticed including that of the Dispensary [now Carcar Museum]. You can see the arch design in the Public Market, waiting sheds, the City Hall and few private buildings like that of Jolibee near the Rotunda. I have to ask why but I was not provided with an answer. The only thing I was told was that it’s called CALLAZO but google cannot provide what it means. As to why it is being incorporated in public buildings remains unanswered.

Carcar City Cebu Rotunda

Walking distance from the Rotunda is the PUBLIC MARKET and nearby are some PASALUBONG KIOSKS selling native delicacies like Ampao and the must-try Carcar Chicharon. Don’t leave without it! Below are pictures of the Public Market and Pasalubong Kiosks around the Rotunda.

Carcar City Cebu Public Market & Pasalubong Kiosks

SECOND STOP – PLAZA: From the ROTUNDA, I walked north along the NAT’L. HIGHWAY [Natalio B. Bacalso South Nat’l. Highway] to the CITY PLAZA which is on top of a hill. Along the way is an old white and blue house to the left and at the four-corners at the intersection going up the Plaza are heritage houses, evidently preserved notwithstanding commercial establishments on the ground floor. I was thinking, it may work well in its preservation.

Carcar City Cebu Old Houses

Going uphill, there is the monument of LEON KILAT to the left. Leon Kilat was a native of Negros Oriental but became the revolutionary leader in Cebu against Spain. On top of the hill, the monument of JOSE RIZAL is the centerpiece. To the right is the CITY HALL and LEGISLATIVE BULDING. Next is the CARCAR MUSEUM [a.k.a. DISPENSARY], the ST, CATHERINE’S COLLEGE, the CARCAR CHURCH, and the UPHILL ELEMENTARY SCHOOL rounding the Rizal Monument. The Plaza itself has a lot of heritage structures and if you have a very limited time, the Plaza is already a good stop to experience Carcar City.

Carcar City Leon Kilat and Jose Rizal Monument
Carcar City Hall Cebu
Carcar City Cebu Museum Carcar City Cebu St Catherines Administration Building

Carcar City Cebu Church
Uphill Elementary School Carcar City Cebu

THIRD STOP – STA. CATALINA STREET: Going downhill, I walked straight to STA. CATALINA STREET where most heritage houses can be found. I enjoyed this walk and I suggest try the side streets. I may have missed other old houses but these were what I saw along the way and have greatly appreciated. As of my walk, there are old houses undergoing improvements and some still needs the same. Houses along Sta. Catalina Street below: 

Carcar City Cebu Old Houses in Sta Catalina Street

After Sta. Catalina, I thought I was done with my Carcar Walk but there was one last stop!

FOURTH STOP – MANCAO PANUNCIALMAN HOUSE: I did not walk to see Mancao Residence, it’s quite far from downtown. Hired a tricycle for 10P going to Gaisano Mall. Mancao Residence is immediately before the Mall. The Residence is huge and it is marvellous! The caretaker toured me but unfortunately cameras are not allowed inside. It was alright.

Carcar City Cebu Mancao-Panuncialman House

From the Mancao Residence, I waited for a bus going back toCebu City and with my Carcar Chicharon and loads of images from this heritage city, my Carcar Walk of Spanish-American edifice and structures has officially ended…[See complete set of photos of my Carcar Walk in my Flickr]

constantine agustin carcar city cebu

[See complete set of photos of my Carcar Walk in my Flickr]


First Stop: Rotunda/Public Market

Second Stop: Plaza

Third Stop: Sta. Catalina Street

Fourth Stop: Mancao-Panuncialman House


Carcar Map


My Cebu City Heritage Walk [2013]

Jesuit House 1730 Cebu City [2013]

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  5. jon says:

    nice information. i can see you have travel around Cebu. i visit as well all this places. it was good experience. useful information

  6. it is good stop when you are going to oslob or moalboal. i rented a scooter though online booking website call this is what i would like to share if you are traveling around Philippines best is to rent a motorcycle so much more fun and stop where ever you want. sine all the places are next to each other like when you go to moalboal, theire are water falls, hot springs and different resort which you can visit on motorcycle

  7. Carl says:

    Such an informative post. I wish to visit this place, if not this year, next year. My favourite tourist destination in the Philippines is Cebu. Not only because Cebu has very pretty and nice locals, but because there are so many places to visit. When I first went to Cebu with my friends, we visited Oslob by renting a motorcycle at We had so much fun back then. The second visit was a stay in the city to enjoy night life. But this year (which would be my third visit), is to tour around historical places in Cebu.

    • jon says:

      hello carl thank for advice, i rented though fully automatic scooter though it was so much fun, i was able to stop all the places and had so much fun. i also found out that i can rent any where in the philippines though this website. i am happy to see Philippines has this service available.

  8. Liezl says:

    how about sa mga shoes fair? nka punta po kau?

  9. In Mancao-Panuncialman-House, Carcar City Museum and Other Ancestral Houses, what day can I visit inside?


  10. In Mancao-Panuncialman Residence, Carcar City Museum and other ancestral houses, what day can we able to get inside?


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