SKYCYCLE in Davao – Provocative!

After ZIPLINE comes the SKYCYCLE!

Skycycle Davao

It was my first Zipline (I know, it has been around for a decade already!) and if not for a good friend visiting from Cebu, I may not have the chance to do another cable-adventure. The Zipline at Eden Nature Park and Resort in Davao was a good idea but at the combo price of PHP 300.00, the SKYCYCLE was enticing!!!

Skycycle Davao

At an elevation of 60-feet and 400-meters back and forth, the SKYCYCLE is by far my best cable-adventure experience after Ngong Ping 360 .

Upon release, I have to pedal to the other end and how fast or slow the pedaling determined how short or long I want my heart to pound with drama but as soon as I got the hang of it – the feeling was placid. It was not scary – it was HEAVEN! At center is stable but approaching both ends maybe a little bit shaky. I was never shaken. 🙂 Doing it again is a definite YES! Recommended!

Skycycle Davao

There might just be some anxiety on “how did they do that” at least on the wheels. For everyone to know and feel safe or somehow have the thought of “ok will try that,” see pictures below on how the wheels of the bike steadily clutch the cable. See the gap on the wheels? There’s the trick! 🙂

Skycycle Davao

After the SKYCYCLE, the Zipline (they call it in “Skyride”) was already no sweat! 🙂

The SKYCYCLE in Davao is only the second in the country, the first being in Bukidnon.

Great! Try this when in Davao and be Skycycled!


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