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Trip The Islands: An Interview

Trip the Islands is an online portal promoting the Philippines as prime tourist destination to the rest of the world. It contains up-to-date travel resource and provides a platform for local tourist-businesses to promote their services. Some of my photos … Continue reading

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ILOILO ESPLANADE: Celebrating Ilongo’s love for their River!

After my solo walk tour of downtown Iloilo [to be posted later], I wanted to take photos of the sunset as I always do with best efforts 🙂 in every place I go to. From the airport to my hotel … Continue reading

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Pamulinawen Festival 2010

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The Pamulinawen Festival is held every 10th day of February in Laoag City. Last month, it celebrated its 14th-year which coincides with the Feast Day of Saint William the Hermit, the City’s  Patron Saint. A finalist for Best Tourism Events … Continue reading

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Blue Moon on New Year’s Eve

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Blue moon is not rare as it appears every after 2.5 years but Blue Moon on New Year’s Eve is, for it appears only after every 19-years. The last New Year Blue Moon appeared in 1990, the next will be … Continue reading

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Juxtaposing a Fishing Village

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Blessed with long stretch of coastline, Currimao, Ilocos Norte is primarily a fishing town and home to several beaches and coral formations. Last Christmas, I stayed at Playa Tropical Resort in the same town with my family and one early … Continue reading

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PLAYA TROPICAL Resort Hotel in Currimao, Ilocos Norte

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Claimed to be the “newest northern paradise,” Playa Tropical Resort Hotel, a beach resort and tropical hotel is yet another destination in Ilocos Norte. This is Bali in the North and where the best sunset in Ilocos is. The Bali-inspired … Continue reading

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Ilocos Christmas & Parol Making Contest

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It’s always pleasant to come home during the most important and meaningful Holiday of the year. After 2-years, I have to spend Christmas and New Year again, in Ilocos. Everytime I come home, there is always something new waiting to … Continue reading

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ROBINSON’S MALL opens in Ilocos Norte

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Robinson’s Mall Ilocos, the 25th in the country, opened last 03 December 2009. It is said to be a milestone “as it is the very first full-service mall in Ilocos Norte catering to various national and local food and retail … Continue reading

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Philippines: One of Best New Trips for 2010 by National Geographic Adventure

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In November of this year, National Geographic Adventure have named the Philippines as one among 25 Best New Trips for 2010. The article reads: Now more than ever, travelers want their dollars to do more—for others, for the planet, for … Continue reading

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Pinili: Chosen. By Whom?

Pinili, Ilocos Norte, is called Pinili because Gregorio Aglipay, founder of the Philippine Independent Church, chose (Pinili in Tagalog and Ilocano) to hide in this mountainous municipality. Aglipay has a statue in honor of him, having a bible & a … Continue reading

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CURRIMAO: Resorts and other Places of Interests.

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On my way to Badoc , I made a side trip to Currimao and Brgy. Victoria is where the Resorts are. Aside from the local fave, Pangil Beach and D’ Coral Beach Resort , you have Playa Tropical Resort, Sitio Remedios … Continue reading

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Badoc: The Juan Luna Shrine and La Virgen Milagrosa de Badoc

I have revisited some places South of Ilocos (Norte) this past Summer. The municipality of Badoc, among others, may be overlooked by visitors because these are the towns that you pass by when you get to Laoag going North to … Continue reading

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Adams: Alternative to the Coast of Ilocos.

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Adams, Ilocos Norte, recently opened its doors to tourists for eco/nature tour. Situated on a mountainous terrain, Adams is accessible from the more famous coastal Pagudpud. I have consciousness of the town since I was a child but never had … Continue reading

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The Chef Offers Food at the Club

This is a continuation of my post on Canlubang (1) (2). The chef (whom I casually call Tonton, by the way) and I, are already at the club as early as breakfast. He offered me Pinoy breakfast of fried bangus … Continue reading

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Pinakbet Pizza!

Care for a Pizza? With “Pinakbet” toppings? Wen Kabsat! That’s “Pinakbet Pizza!” Especially for you . . . Last weekend, I was watching the evening news over TV Patrol of ABS-CBN and it featured the Pinakbet Pizza of Paoay, Ilocos … Continue reading

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Being called “BALONG!” Very Ilocano. Very Meaningful.

Today, as I read some comments, I came across comments (1 , 2) made by Manong Luis Beltran, originally from Pasuquin, Ilocos Norte, who have been living abroad for 30 years now! I honestly feel how “homesick” he is, but … Continue reading

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Kids of Ilocos!

Here is my first “concious” attempt to take portraits of kids. Most of it were taken after a kid’s birthday party in Ilocos where they become quite restless! I had a difficult time capturing their genuine expressions because they were … Continue reading

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More Test Shots: Close Up (not Macro)

I made a mistake in previously calling my test shots in a earlier post as “macros” where, in fact, technically, they are merely classified as “close up” shots. In the strictest sense, macro shots must be 1:1 ratio. Most compact … Continue reading

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Reflections of a River Resort

Ilocos (Norte) is not just beaches! If you want to try fresh water, then the river resort in Sarrat is a good alternative. It only comes ‘alive’ though during the dry season, which is about December to May. Images here … Continue reading

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The Evolution of Ilocos Royal Bibingka

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The Ilocos Royal Bibingka is one delicacy that Ilocos is proud of and every visitors’ must try. It has a decent packaging, a good shelf-life, and very affordable price [Php 105.00 a dozen, or so] which make it very ideal … Continue reading

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