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FEATURED: My Photos!

On this post are some of my photos featured in several travel sites, international or local. I love to take pictures of anything and everything everywhere I go. I take time to choose which snapshots to show and find time … Continue reading

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Seen: Vagabond3 and Lonely Planet

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Some couple of days ago, Bob of Vagabond3 [a.k.a. V3] emailed asking permission to make use of one of my images of The Peak in a previous HK trip, which was to be used in V3’s Webisode on exploring Hong … Continue reading

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Recto Fire near Isetan and Doroteo Jose LRT Station

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This afternoon, Recto Avenue have been “paralyzed” due to a massive fire in a residential area in Sta. Cruz, Manila, opposite Isetan Recto and near Doroteo Jose LRT Station. Classes have to be suspended in nearby schools and universities as … Continue reading

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Take U to the Philippines by Apl. de. Ap.

Here’s the latest promotional video by the Department of Tourism in collaboration with MTV Asia, featuring proud Pinoy Apl. de. Ap of the Black Eyed Peas. With hip-hop artist Apl. de. Ap and MTV behind the project, this is meant … Continue reading

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My Callao Cave on Northbound Magazine

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As a photo enthusiast, being acknowledged for uploaded images is good. As a blogger, being invited to write for a travel magazine is better! Sometime July, I received an e-mail from a certain Robby Torres asking if I was interested … Continue reading

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Baby Rocket: Pinoy Kwitis

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What could be a Pinoy New Year without “kwitis” (a.k.a. baby rocket)!!! Firecrakers, local or imported, have tremendously evolved every year but the “kwitis” is here to stay. It’s already part of Pinoy New Year celebration and culture to have … Continue reading

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State of Ilocandia!

It could have been the first and only State in the Philippines – the State of Ilocandia, if in fact there was ever any! 馃檪 How did I find about State of Ilocandia? I was driving one Sunday afternoon coming … Continue reading

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Vulcanized in Quiapo

vul路ca路nize (vlk-nz) tr.v. vul路ca路nized, vul路ca路niz路ing, vul路ca路niz路es “To improve the strength, resiliency, and freedom from stickiness and odor of (rubber, for example) by combining with sulfur or other additives in the presence of heat and pressure.” (Source). In one of my … Continue reading

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Pandesal + “Bubog”: Another Unhealthy Food Story

*Here’s a break from my Quiapo Post. Two nights ago, we bought Twenty Pesos of Pandesal at a nearby 24-hour Bakery for midnight snack, Chiz Whiz for spread, and Nestea Ice Tea for bev. While on our second piece, my … Continue reading

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May Yabang (Din) Ako!

Today, I got an email from Landa of Yabang Pinoy spreading a video of “Yabang Pinoy,” consistent with its campaign “to raise awareness and heighten the Filipino people’s ethos, dignity and pride by advocating the use of a piece of … Continue reading

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Test Shots!

Here are some ‘macro’ test shots on my new Lumix using its built-in 35-mm lens on macro mode. While they came out good, it could have been better (I know!) if I used the corresponding macro lens. The聽subject could have … Continue reading

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Constantine has a new name!

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After seven months of blogging and more than a hundred posts,聽200 images and videos uploaded, and an attempt to close down at one point, Constantine is reborn! After a record breaking number of entries 馃檪 here at BKS for NovemBoracay … Continue reading

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“Biag ken Siak” is now here!

‘Biag ken Siak’ has moved to its new home here. The current layout is undergoing improvement so please bear with it in the meantime.聽聽 Regular posting shall聽continue.聽 Dios ti Agngina Apo! OK Ngarud!聽

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Awan Laeng: Is it the Sun or the Moon?

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I took these images a couple of days ago, wondering if it was the sun or the moon that I saw. It was about 4 p.m. and I know that the sun is still up that time, but I also … Continue reading

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Yabang Pinoy!

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In recent years, Baller ID Bands have become a symbol of many things. It started with NBA players as sports apparel made by Nike, Adidas and Reebok, among others, until it became part of youth fashion. It has then evolved … Continue reading

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Laoag City is in Monopoly, Philippine Edition

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The Monopoly by Parker Brothers, claimed to be the world’s most popular boardgame, distributed by Hasbro, has its Philippine Edition. It costs about Php 800.00 at National Bookstore, almost half the price on e-Bay. What makes the boardgame more exciting … Continue reading

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Miniature Paoay Church

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John gave me this miniature Paoay Church as “pasalubong” from their recent family trip to Bacolod. It’s ceramic, however, not from Ilocos but from Bacolod made by an export/manufacturing company called Obra Negrense, Inc. I hope the ceramic business I … Continue reading

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Awan Laeng!

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Wala lang! That’s what the title means in Ilokano… Here are some macro shots of a flower called “giant ginger.” The plant (with emphasis on the plant not its flower) looks like ginger but it can grow to more than … Continue reading

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Ernie’s Response!

I have received a private e-mail from Ernie (whom I referred to as Eddie in my previous post, now duly corrected with apologies)in response to my quotation of a phrase in one of his previous e-mails which (I thought) was … Continue reading

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